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MW antenna Flevoland - twilight
Foto: edwin
The photo above is taken from http://tips-en-trucs.verdijk.info/zenders/#flevo with the friendly permission of Jan Verdijk.
It demonstrates that it is the best to use twilight for photographing the ropes of an antenna.
The top of one mast

Description of the upper cage

photo taken from
grootnieuwsradio.htm with the friendly permission by Peter Vrakking.

The top of one mast

This photo by Tom Jansen shows once more a lot of details.

The spacing between the two guy levels at the top of the mast is 50 m.
The center of the mast

This photo shows the feeding point of the mast at the height of  90 m.

Here the mast is seperated in two parts by an insulator.

The insulator is installed between the two triangular plates seen in the middle of the photo.

There are two cage ropes, one  above and the other below this insulator. The rope cage sonsists of the mast as inner conductor and six vertical ropes as outer conductor.

The horizontal ropes, which can be seen on the photo above and below are short circuits for adjustment of the lengths of the cage ropes.

Description of the upper cage

Description of the lower cage

photo by Tom Jansen
Thanks to the twilight many details of the antenna can be recognized on the photos of this page:

1. the vertical ropes of the "cage" around the mast,
2. the cantilevers in the middle of the mast, where this cage is seperated by insulators in an upper and a lower part. This is also the feeding point of the antenna and the upper part of the mast is standing on an insulator at this point.
3. The horizontal ropes between mast and rope cage below the feeding point form a short circuit for a coaxial line formed by the mast as inner conductor and the rope cage as outer conductor (additional explainations on 2E),
4. the guy ropes ( four levels) with insulators only up close to the mast and down at the large base foundation,
5. the coaxial feeder line between mast and transmitter building,
6. the two outlets for the coaxial feeder lines on top of the roof of the transmitter building.
7. Extensions on top of the mast for fine tuning of the length of the antenna.
Base of the mast

It is shown the open wire coaxial feeder line, the slim foot of the mast, the six vertical ropes of the cage around the mast including the very high voltage insulators, and the horizontal lines connecting the vertical ropes with the tuning elements which are located in the hut.
The fence is a protection for not entering the aeria of very high voltages and currents.
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