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Zehlendorf MW
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MW antenna Zehlendorf 603 kHz (50 kW)
and 693 kHz (250 kW)
The flared skirt MW antenna Zehlendorf for two frequencies: 603 kHz (50 kW) und 693 kHz (250 kW).
All guys are grounded. You can see the antenna tuning hut with the diplexer at the base of the mast.
computer model
Four different views
three dimensional view
view towards x- direction
This flare skirt antenna is a kind of folded monopole. The flared skirt ( cage ) is fed and the mast is grounded.
view towards y- direction
view towards -z- direction (view from top)
It is the great advantage of this design, that the guys are without insulators. Hence all parts of the antenna are statically grounded, which avoids flash overs within the antenna before and during thunder storms.
An animated gif of the computer model
 Zehlendorf is part of  the town of Oranienburg and it is located North of Berlin. It belongs to Brandenburg and not to Berlin, which are two of the 16 states of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Zehlendorf is today part of the city of Oranienburg where also the concentration camp Sachsenhausen was located (to be found on the map). Now it is an important memorial place.
MW Zehlendorf

The marker is located at the base of  te antenna.

Google map

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This map enables everybody to find these antennas on satellite photos. (see above)
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Zehlendorf MW
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