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MW antenna Wavre - total view; designed for 540 kHz, 100 kW and 621 kHz, 300 kW
The height of the mast is
245 m: 0,441 lambda for
540 kHz and 0,507 lambda for 621 kHz
MW antenna Wavre - The computer model
The computer model: the height of the mast is 245 m.

At the base of the guy:

coil in a barrel, which is filled with oil, grounding the guy electro-
statically. At the same time the current on the guy is tuned by the value of the inductance of the coil.

Photo (excerpt): Stephane de Bluts
The antenna is located about 200 m East of the marker.

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The antenna site in Wavre
Antenna (<<) and transmitter building (white)
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