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Nordkirchen MW Drm
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MW Nordkirchen Drm 549 kHz, 100 kW
Two masts (height = 99,5 m corresponding to 0,182 lambda) with top load:

mast 2 in front,
mast 1 in the back

These masts are supported by guys with one insulator only. This leads to a large top load and to a mast which is completely grounded ststically.
Hence the reliability of the antenna is increased remarkably during thunder storms.

More detailed information with a lot of interesting photos by somebody who
lives in Nordkirchen:

Matthias Jünemann

Mast 1

the extention network (ENW) for improving the bandwidth of the antenna system is located in the antenna tuning hut at the base of the mast.

MW Nordkirchen

Google map may be
switched to satellite view
MW Nordkirchen

The antenna is located a few hundred meters West of Piepenbrock, see excerpts below.
Nordkirchen, a town not far from Dortmund
Location of antenna (<<)
Satellite photo of antenna:
mast left: mast 2, mast right: mast 1,
transmitter building on the right side
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Nordkirchen MW Drm
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