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Murcia MW
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MW Antenna Murcia 855 kHz, 300 kW and 567 kHz, 25 kW (RNE)
Feed through insulator of glass seen from outside with lightning protection coil at the base of the mast.

The height of the mast is 186 m.
Insulator at the base of the mast

Feed through insulator of glass with lightning protection coil.
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The MW station is located North West of Murcia.

Church of Santa Maria in Murcia
Las Torres de Cotillas
near Murcia

Google map may be
switched to satellite view

Find your own view like below about 100 m West of the marker.
The satellite photo of the antenna

Antenna mast (186 m) with antenna tuning unit hut at its base on the left side.

The transmitter building on the right side.

The spacing between mast and transmitter building is about 200 m.

The open feeder line cannot be seen due to the unsufficient resolution of the photo.
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Murcia MW
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