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MW antenne Djedeida, antenna tuning unit

Above: components of tuning for 963 kHz
Left : Absortion trap for 963 kHz

feed through in protection fence

rejection filter for 963 kHz in the corner

rejection filter for 630 kHz

Coil with corona ring
Antenna tuining elements for 630 kHz

The interior of the antenna tuning hut shows among others:

- the covering by copper strips,

- the break and feed through to the

- the inside view of the feed through insulator from glass,

- a coil,

- and a row of disc condensers.

Feed through towards feeder line

- feed through insulator HFD 25

- grounding switch, which has to be operated manually according to the safety regulations before entering the section with the antenna tuning elements.

- balls of the spark gap

- UV sensor

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