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The mill of Britz

MW Antenna Britz - total view
The radio station in Berlin- Britz

The masts radiate the MW frequencies 855 kHz and 900 kHz. In addition  the frequency 89.6 MHz is radiated from an FM antenna.
Two masts are necessary for obtaining a directional pattern for 855 kHz in order to protect an radio station in Rumania.

Left North Western mast,
right  South Eastern mast which carries the FM antenna.
Britz is part of Neukölln, a borough of Berlin.

Britz is the location for the transmitter station of  Deutschlandradio
(former RIAS radio station "Radio in american sector").

The radio programme "Deutschland Radio Kultur" is broadcasted on MW, SW and FM from this station.

Britz was mentioned for the first time in a document dated 1237 as village Britzig.
Berlin- Britz
antenna site

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Transmitting site Berlin- Britz

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Sendergebäude = transmitter building
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