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MW Atbara  783 kHz, now 10 kW. One mast with omnidirectional pattern for 783 kHz
The analysis of the antenna system was the reason for this trip to Atbara (North of Khartoum) in Sudan.
The complete system including the transmitter was from Denki Kogyo Co. Ltd., NEC Corporation back in 1985.
The existing 5 kW transmitter was to be replaced by a 10 kW transmitter from TELEFUNKEN.
It was necessary to carry out investigations in advance to find out which modifications would be needed to enable the increase of the power from 5 to 10 kW.
The container with the round sun roof contains the transmitter.
The container to the right contains the diesel engine for compensating interruptures of the general power supply.
The tubular mast with ladder and platforms.
population: about 40 Mill.

Largest country in Africa; dominated by the Nile



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