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Cross dipole and vertical dipole (1359 kHz) , total view
Aerial with five masts, each 80 m high.
The mast on the left with its own antenna hut is used as vertical radiator
for groundwave propagation during day time.
photo: Christian Hörlle
 MW antenna Arganda, maps of Spain  -------     Murcia    Pozuelo
MW antenna Arganda, map of Spain

Arganda Southeast of Madrid
Antenna site

Google map may be
switched to satellite view
This modified google map highlights the antenna sites Arganda and Pozuelo.

<< Location of the antenna site in Arganda,

location marked by violet arrows.

The photos above and left  show the exact location of the cross dipole.

The five masts: two masts with an antenna tuning hut. The hut at the centre mast is used for the cross dipole, the other one for the vertical radiator being used during day time.

Antenna site in Arganda (excerpt from google map above)
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