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Lakihegy Diplexer 135.6 kHz, 100 kW & 540 kHz, 150 kW
Blaw-Knox-radiator in Lakihegy
Lakihegy is a village South of Budapest close to the border outside of the city on the Csepel island. In 1933 a Blaw-Knox-radiator, 314 meters high, was erected in Lakihegy. It was then the highest building of Europe and is still the highest building of Hungary.

A Blaw Knox radiator is a guided self radiating mast for medium wave in the shape of a double pyramid. It is base insulated.
Before the Second World War Blaw-Knox radiators have been erected in the USA many times, but also in Europe. Some Blaw Knox radiators still exist as well in the USA as in Europa.

More about Blaw- Knox Towers?

A view from the helicopter

In front the Blaw-Knox- radiator for 135.6 kHz (100 kW) and 540 kHz (150 kW).
Behind the mast for 873 kHz and 20 kW. The Danube in the back.

photo: Antenna Hungaria
A guy rope with a chain of insulators fixed to the mast

photo: Antenna Hungaria
Lakihegy, Southwest of Budapest
 Map with the two transmitter sites

Lakihegy and

Map of Budapest with Lakihegy in the South
Google map may be
switched to satellite view
Lakihegy and the
locations of
the two masts
and the locations
of the two masts
The mast with
the diplexer
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