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Burg I-Mast

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Burg - Detonation and collapsing of mast I2
The series of photos on this site shows the spectacular detonation and collapse of mast I2.

Still both antenna masts which were erected in 1953 are standing.
Mast J2 starts falling.

The smoke of the explosives can be seen.
The mast continues falling and a bend appears at the lower end of the mast.
The generating of the bend becomes more apparent.
The J - mast looks now like a "J".
The mast continues falling.
Only the upper part of the mast can still be seen.
Only the peak of the mast pokes out of the trees.

A master stroke of the shot
firer. The tubular mast lies exactly in the existing forest aisle.
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Burg I-Mast
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