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Burg I-Mast

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Diplexer Burg - 139 kHz 100 kHz and 531 kHz 10 kW
The house directly below the antenna mast is round and contains two transmitters for 139 kHz (100 kW and 50 kW as spare), one transmitter of 10 kW for 531 kHz, and the diplexer .

The huge base insulator and the big balls of the spark gaps give the hint that high voltage are occuring at the base of the antenna.

The shielding of the building implies the lifting of the ground screen.
On top of the roof there is a second large insulator which enables the high frequency to go through the ceiling from the diplexer to the mast.

In the background mast I2 which was detonated on 22.6.2006 can be seen.

Photos of the detonation on 6E
The shielding of the building
The crossing points of the wires are connected by clamps.

The shielding wires are connected to the eaves gutter.
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Burg I-Mast
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