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Burg I-Mast   
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Diplexer Burg - 139 kHz 100 kHz and 531 kHz 10 kW
Panorama of the antenna site Burg seen from the main road called "B1"
On the left:
the flare skirt antenna 324 m high                               
On the right:
the base fed mast "I" of 210 m
The access to the antenna site with the I mast in the back ground.

This mast was erected in 1953 together with a second mast. This twin mast was detonated on 22.6.2006.

Photos of the detonation on 6E
The I - antenna (210 m) with three levels of guys

The house containing transmitters and diplexer is located directly below the mast.

The foundation of the mast is in the middle of the building.

 Burg is located West of Berlin near of Magdeburg and the river Elbe.

A perfect location for an antenna system with good ground conductivity
The city of Burg (English: castle) is located West of Berlin near the city of Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony- Anhalt.
The exact location of the antenna mast.

City view

Burg is the German word for a medieaval castle.
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Burg I-Mast   
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