Trabzon - 2EN
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Trabzon 954 kHz, 300 kW
The base of the mast and the antenna tuning hut
The base of the mast and the antenna tuning hut.
You can recognize the huge feed through insulator below the open roof of the antenna hut.

The electrical connection between the mast and the feed through insulator can be seen below.
The huge feed through insulator is on top of this hole in the roof. The line leads from here through the feed through insulator to the base of the mast. The junction of the lines are identical on the photos above and below.
The Austin- Trafo, providing the power for the obstruction lights.

The photo below shows some elements of the antenna tuning unit.

There are rotary capacitors for fine tuning which can be activated from outside of the cabin during transmission.
The feed through between feederline ( coming from transmitter building ) and antenna tuning unit
- seen from inside
- seen from outside
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