Bechar LW - 1EN
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LW antenna, f = 153 kHz, P = 2 x 1000 kW
View on the three masts of the LW antenna seen from the site of the MW antenna.

The height of each mast is about 360 m.

This antenna is a flare skirt antenna. The mast is grounded and the feeding takes place via a cage consisting of three ropes. The antenna acts like a folded monopole consisting of the mast and the cage of three wires. For this type of antenna it is distinctive that the upper part of the second guys from top form part of the cage. This makes it necessary to rotate this guy level by 60 degree to the other guys to avoid a contact between the ascending cage ropes and the lower guys.

It is notable that all parts of the antenna are statically grounded. The number and position of insulators were chosen in order to ensure that all parts of the antenna were connected directly to ground.
Similiar antenna designs can be found in Donebach, Aholming (both in Germany) and Ingoy (Norway).

153 kHz
Photo of the three masts of the LW antenna taken from the other side comparing to the photo above.
The central mast plus feeder line, which leads from the transmitter building to the antenna tuning hut at the base of the mast.

On the left side two of the three masts of the MW antenna.
The feeder line is dimensioned for 2000 kW. Due to the low frequency (153 kHz ) the dimensions of the feeder line are small.
The guys and their insulators can be seen quite well during twilight.
Details of the mast

The three masts of the MW antenna in the rear.
 Where is Bechar located?
LW antenna

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