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Felsberg-Berus (Europe 1) LW  183 kHz, Germany (Saarland) by Wikipedia
Four masts

183 kHz, 2000 kW

The 4 masts opn the right side are of different heights:
270 m (0,165 lambda),
276 m (0,168 lambda),
280 m (0,171 lambda) and
282 m (0,172 lambda).

The horizontal radiation pattern is directional towards France.

On the left side a standby antenna consisting of two base fed lattice masts of 234 m (0,143 lambda).
The plateau of Felsberg (seen from France).

The Longwave transmitter Europe 1 is the oldest privately owned radio station in Germany, situated at Felsberg-Berus, Germany. It transmits with a power of 2000 kilowatts a French speaking programme, Europe 1 towards France.

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Two masts of the standby antenna in front, the four masts of the main antenna in the back.

Standby antenna

The border between Gernmany and France is beheind the masts.
The photo is taken from the German side. The country site behind the antenna belongs to France.
Transmitter building and concrete tower carrying other aerials
The 4 masts of the main antenna
of Europe 1.
Concrete tower carrying other aerials
Feeders near the transmitter building
Feeder close to one of the masts
Base of one of the masts and antenna tuning hut
Feeder line towards the two masts of the standby antenna.

2 aerials

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